What does Ju-C mean?
Ju-C is an abbreviation of the word ‘juicy’.

Who owns Ju-C?
The East Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC).

How is Ju-C made?
The process begins with purified water. Flavoured syrup is added to the water, chilled, and then carbonated.
The beverage is then filled into sterilized plastic bottles, labeled, packaged and stored.

Are factory tours allowed?
Yes they are!

Is Ju-C naturally or artificially flavoured? Is the product caffeinated?
Ju-C contains both natural and artificial flavours. The product contains no caffeine.

How many calories does Ju-C have?
176 calories per serving (350mL).

Where can I buy Ju-C?
You will find our beverages at supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, vendors, restaurants, and wholesalers.
You may also purchase directly from our distribution trucks which will cover the island

 Does Ju-C deliver?
Yes, using our network of delivery trucks and to our presale customers

Would Ju-C be introducing new flavours?
Yes, in the not too distant future.